Thursday, December 28, 2017

Quite the Item Crafts Introduction

If you are here, you heard of a fun and new adventure that I am starting January 1st.
I'm calling this new adventure

"Quite the Item" Crafts 

The idea behind "Quite the Item" is taking used items and up-cycling them into something great.
The first of each month, I will post what the theme for that month will be. You will then search out your item/items from thrift stores, yard sales or even you closet and this is where you let your creative imagination begin on the journey of making "Quite the Item".  You will need to take a picture of the "Item" and submit it to me five days before the end of the month or anytime in-between. I will then post them on this blog for others to enjoy. You will have the choice of

two different options. 

The first option will be a monthly membership of $12.  You will need to have a PayPal account for this.  On the first of the month you will need to deposit $12 into my PayPal account. You can choose the months you want to participate in. The membership allows you to participate in a "Views Choice Award". Two dollars of your twelve will be put into the award fund and the winner will be the "Item" with the most votes. The voting will begin two days before the end of the month and end the last day of the month. If there is a tie, the items will be placed into a random select and then awarded from there. So, if your "Item" wins and ten members are participating, you will receive a $20 award which I will deposit into you PayPal account. The voting and fund begins new with each months theme. The membership will also grant you advertisement for three months of your "Item" on this blog if you want to sell it. If there has not been a sale after three months, I will then remove it from the blog. If you have more than one item to sell, there will be an additional $2 fee for each additional monthly theme item you will be selling. If someone is interested, I will refer them to you via your email and you can then make your own personal arrangements with the buyer. You will need to notify me when an item sells so I can remove it from the blog.

The second option will be a free monthly participation. With this option, you will not be able to participate in the "Views Choice Award" nor the advertisement for items to sell. You will be able to share your "Item" for others to admire just for the participating month. The submitting of an "Item" picture five days before the end of the month requirement will still apply.



Thursday, December 7, 2017

Working on Christmas gifts....
 The wood blocks below are made so that a picture
can be added to the front either by slipping it
behind the elements or clipping it with a
small clothes pin.

Monday, November 20, 2017

I want to take this time to thank all of you for supporting me and my craziness.  I love my time crafting with all of you and look forward to many more hours and years of fellowship, fun and food.
So, in saying all that, May God Bless you abundantly all the days He is giving you and may your
Thanksgiving be filled with memorable times with family and friends.


Lots of catch-up pictures.

I took a fabric scraps basket class at our local quilt shop and I have been going crazy
with the technique making baskets and hot pads.  They are going to be great 
Christmas gifts.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


We had sooooo  much fun fellowshipping, creating, learning, sharing, eating and laughing.
We made a stationary gift box, shared cards and techniques, played games and stayed up late having a super good time.  Eleven awesome gals and four days of fun.
Here are some of the things we made.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Another retreat is coming my way and here are some of the things we will be making.

There will be another card which I will be posting later so be sure to check in again.